Friday, March 30, 2007

Report from Suds Central

The two days of sunshine and warm temperatures has me all aflutter. Threw open all the windows and doors, and pretty much stared at the garden, watching the kittens hunt little winged creatures and eat flies. All of us wanted to just bask in the outdoors, late into the evening. The intrepid hunters have moved up from the occasional stray styrofoam peanut on the floor.

It's been a little scary in the house as it gets warmer. Their laser focus on the just hatched flies is unwavering, and I'm just lucky to have my tv still intact. They will stop at nothing to catch their prey. Which is both amusing and scary. If there is anything between them and the buzzing thing, it's toast -- lamps, kitchen items, curtains, knick knacks. So it's rather nice to have them outside where just a few leaves get trampled rather than total house destruction.

Am I working on anything? Um, no. Well, kinda. I mean, I'm getting a little bit of the usual work done. But next week is another show, and the grand opening/unveiling of my stuffs at a new shop. But all that news will have to wait until next week. I'm perking along getting it ready and pretty much procrastinating (my specialty) until it's really, really, up against the wall. I wish that wasn't how I rolled. But there it is. You can't ignore the sunshine when it's staring at you in the face.