Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Spring Equinox

Today is officially the first day of spring, even though it's bitterly chilly and I woke up to frost. Still, it's making it's way - with a profusion of buds and blossoms that will probably hide under the blankies again today until the sun gets a little warmer. My new star magnolia bush is opening in fits and starts. One warm day and a bunch popped. Two cold days and it takes a little break, shivering in the shade. Another warm afternoon and a couple more flowers pop out.

The changing tilt of the Earth's axis causes the change of seasons, as well as the shortening and lengthening of daylight hours. The equinox means that today the north and south poles are equally distant from the sun, so we will have almost exactly the same amount of daytime as nighttime. And starting tomorrow, we will begin to gradually have more daylight hours, a few minutes each day. Hooray!

And today they are handing out 30,000 free daffodils at Pike Place Market too -- part of their 100th anniversary of the market celebration. Run down and get one while they last.

I got the sweetest call yesterday from a charming woman who just recently tried my soap and loved it. She called to order dozens and dozens of bars, and about one of everything else I've ever made. She wants to give it all out as Easter and Spring gifts to everyone she knows. Just to share how great it is, and to spread me around to her family and friends. I'm so touched, and a little flabbergasted that something like that would just pop up out of the blue. Especially when I really needed it. Fate is a funny thing.

A little Madness in the Spring / Is wholesome even for the King. - Emily Dickensin