Saturday, March 17, 2007

Top 'o the mornin'

Happy St Patrick's day! Doesn't everyone want to be a little Irish on this day?

Yesterday was a true blast of what's to come -- so warm we could almost sense summer was getting on the bus to visit us, while spring waits at the station to collecting her luggage. Where better to head than Alki Beach in the evening, the sun just setting behind the mountians in glorious oranges and purples. Twinkling ferries seemed to float, hardly moving, on the dark water. There were volley ball games in progress, a million walkers, roller bladers, dogs sniffing and greeting, a man stamping out "I Love You" with his feet in the sand for the rapt little gal sitting on the wall. So many poofy, blossomy cherry trees, floating petals like confetti at a parade. Very special evening.