Friday, March 16, 2007

Chocolate Bunnies

Aren't these sweet? They come from Vosges, which has the some of the best chocolate I've ever tasted. I love, love, love artisanal chocolate, with interesting flavors , unique herb and spice combinations.

Even though I'm partial to dark chocolate, two of their mik chocolate flavors are absolutely incredible - "Naga" with coconut and curry is my fave, and the "Barcelona", so simple but irresistable with smoked almonds and grey sea salt. But as tempting as it all looks, $10 for one teeny bunny, not counting shipping, is insane. Well, at least not until that money tree I planted out back gets a little busier.

FYI - the sales tax rate just went up to 8.9% around here, effective April 1st. And I got a notice yesterday that Bank of America wants to charge a new finance charge fee each month if you pay off your balance. No additional charges if you're carrying a balance with their overly high interest rates. And my merchant account announced new fees starting next month too. Just another reminder to read the fine print.

So I'm going to catch up on all that fine print reading paperwork today and then hopefully get some time this afternoon to do something fun or creative. Recharge the non-business and finance oriented side of my brain which feels like it's atrophying lately.

Hoppy Friday!