Sunday, February 18, 2007

Out of Commission

Oh good heavens. It looks like I have a functioning computer again, if only for a few minutes. I am not going to head off into some long-winded explanation of what is wrong THIS time. But I've been without technology for a few days. Spent the better part of this morning kicking the thing and using up a roll of duct tape. So I'm guessing this is not a long term solution. And a new computer is on the short horizon, but for now, for this very minute, I have a real screen and internets.

I just wanted to jot a short note to say that yes, I have received the weekend's orders. Yes, I can retrieve email. I am working out the kinks behind the scenes, but as far as you all know, things are working just dandy fine. I'll suffer in silence this time and not bore you with all the hair pulling outing and whatnot.

I wanted to post some really pretty pictures of the rock wall, but it has once again blown out and the stomach area is sitting back on the sidewalk. Yes, it will get fixed and rebuilt and will actually hold. Or so I'm told. So eventually it will be a beauty. And I will get to plant things. And the ankle high mud that coats my entire world will eventually go away.

Anyway, this is the short version of my out-of-control, frazzled few days. And that's really all I want to share about it. I am breathing in and out, trying to be patient and yet move forward with things that have to be done too. This blog, after all, is about the business, my work, and what is going on in the soap world. Not so much about the petulant wailing about how hard the rest of the stuff is. I'll vent into my pillow about all the dirty cat footprints, the never-ending mess around here, the fact that they ate my Valentine's bouquet this morning because I wouldn't get up at 5am to play, etc. Thank God for Netflix and Apple's Genius bar. I'm ok. It's all going to be fine. I'm heading back to the manuals and pile of cords.

And tomorrow, if all goes well, I will post about this week's show. It's at Lord Hill Farm from Wed through Saturday this week. I'm pretty excited about it, even if I'm not remotely ready to set it up. There's two days left. Whew. First show of the new year. Spring stuff!