Tuesday, February 27, 2007

I have the best customers!

So many orders have been coming in this week with sweet little notes of kind words and encouragement -- notes about how much you like the products, how perfect they are for gifts, how everyone who receives them has loved them, and that you simply can't live without this or that. It makes me so happy to hear from you all!

In fact, so many orders have been coming in the last couple of weeks, it's like Christmas! Which is also quite nice. After all the fretting last week about losing the Lord Hill and Vasa Park shows, of course things are looking up. Several new opportunities are on the horizon. New ideas, a little more momentum to try something that may have been on the back burner for awhile. Lots of stuff to work on.

But first and foremost, before anything else can happen, I need to get more caught up on making soap. To start the year, since time was so short, I made smaller batches of every single fragrance, just to have all the bases covered. And the spankin' new soaps have been such a hit, that I'm falling behind already. That never happens in February. A few folks even got calls that a particular scent was still a week away from curing. But I'm getting there. Lots more bars are in the works.

And yesterday was a heeyooooge day of orders being fiilled. I think I got every last one shipped off that had piled up through the weekend. So today I'm back to making soap, doing a quick check of supply inventories to make sure I'm not missing anything, placing my own orders for stuff and generally keeping this train on the track at full speed.

I really and truly appreciate all of you guys. You have no idea how gratifying it is to get such an overwhelmingly supportive response. And the sense of satisfaction is what makes it all worthwile. THANK YOU!