Thursday, September 28, 2006

Sand in my toes

The past two days have been so productive. Not in the getting stuff done sort of way, but in the getting stuff figured out sort of way. With no immediate deadlines hanging over my head for a few days this week, I've been able to square away a bunch of little details for the upcoming holiday stuff. Like making all the tags and cards for the new Terrific Tootsies foot care gift sets. And the adorable little labels for the Holiday Cheer Bath Confetti and Spiced Hot Cocoa Milk Bath. Oops, I've let out a few secrets.

I've been able to clear enough space to find my notes and catalogs for holiday gift sets galore. Still dithering about a couple of things, samples are on their way, but there will be lots of new gift items -- or ways to package gifts. New bags for single bars or several bars. Fun boxes to stuff full of items for special presents. It's all coming together a bit more. Not just ambiguous plans but actual stuff. All just sitting here waiting expectantly for their big debut. Later, when I get back from holiday, there will be an afternoon of putting it all together, filling containers, slapping on labels. And then the big photo op for the web page. It's nice to have it ready ahead of time. Much easier than imagining what it will look like (because I waited too long to order something) and just making up a description for the newsletter that is already late. Not that I've ever done that. Ahem.

Oh, and I rustled up a supply of cutie pie Halloween theme gift sets for the October shows. There's only a couple of dozen of those, so I'll bring some to Salmon Days, and a few to the Starving Housewives show in Bothell and a little bunch to the Vasa Park show too.

So I'm off on vacation. Three days. Towards the beach and the Oregon coast. No plans, no reservations, just open road. The weather should be stunning. I'll be back just in time to catch the tail end of St. Demetrios' Greek Festival this weekend. I never, ever miss that. It's my favorite feast all year. The huge tent, the festive music, the circles of little kids in folk costumes dancing and whirling, and the rounds upon rounds of wine tasting. Whew! I'm already drooling thinking about the grilled lamb, the piping hot calamari, the dripping gyro mess, and the delectable pastries with a shot of knock-your-socks-off Greek coffee. Oh I hope there's food left by Sunday. Save some for me, please!