Monday, September 18, 2006

Stop for the Posies

The rush, rush, rush of this month is starting to overwhelm me. And usually that makes me just dig in deeper, stick my nose further into the grindstone and work myself into a lather. Which usually gets the work accomplished, but doesn't do much for my state of mind. Saturday I worked all darn day, evening and into the night. Woke up Sunday with a list even longer. Crammed a couple of bins full of just-priced items into the car and buzzed down to Puyallup in time for the gates to open.

My little display was all picked over and sparse again. I should be thrilled (and was) but also felt my stomach flip. Saturday's work was slated to head over to Lord Hill on Tuesday for the show this week. But in fact, it all ended up in Puyallup. Which means that I'm even farther behind getting ready for this week's show. I'm in a little trouble. So I should have headed straight home and worked until the wee hours, if I was smart.

Or not. I just decided that it will all work out somehow. And that life cannot possibly be all work, no play, no rest and no stopping for the posies. So I took a break yesterday and hung out with my sisters for a bit. Cooked a nice dinner and watched a movie last night. Had some wine. Went to bed early. So today I should be raring to go and be much more effective, right?

We'll see. I have a huge pile of mail orders which need to go out. I've got literally 3 days worth of labelling and packaging to do before tomorrow morning. I need to make soap today too. And there's a few errands and phone calls etc. Guess I better get cracking. Happy Monday.