Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Singing Moon

I am no expert in the phases of the moon. But I ran across a cool picture of a Harvest Moon last week and thought gee, maybe I can use this in my blog -- I'll look it up to see what it means. Well, THE HARVEST MOON was two months ago -- July and into early August. Then we had THE PROMISE MOON. We are currently in the phase of THE SINGING MOON. This is supposed to be "a time for exhiliration, completion, acceptance, mellowing, and rest after labor. A balance of light and dark leads to organization and clean-up of physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual clutter".

09/22: Singing Moon - New
09/21, 22, 23: Mabon, Autumn Equinox
09/23: Libra Rises
10/07: Singing Moon - Full

This sounds uncannily right for me right now. The exhiliration I'm feeling after completing the last two weeks of shows combined with the release of the fall newsletter. It was tremendous labor, and later this week I am resting (on a two-day vacation). I have also spent the last few days cleaning up and re-organizing the office and work areas, which of course spills over into mental and emotional clutter clearing too. It's so spot on, it's a tad creepy.

Just in case you're planning ahead, October is THE BLOOD MOON -- "a time for sacrifice, letting go and clearing away to find justice, balance, and harmony. Inner cleansing and the lament of loss. Seeking shelter in friendship, karma, and reincarnation". Goes through Halloween and the full moon is November 5th. Sounds not so fun, eh. I'm a little nervous about what that means for me. Maybe it's like all the horoscope stuff, sometimes it's scarily accurate and the next month it's completely off. I sure hope so. I was hoping to be done with all the lamenting of loss and was beginning to think I was getting back to a little balance. Today is the one month anniversary of losing my little kitty, sniffle.