Monday, September 11, 2006

Alphabet Soup

Got a really early start this morning. The laundry is done. All the orders that have come in during the last few days are in the works and will go out today for sure. I'm brainstorming all kinds of new things to bring to Puyallup for the Fair -- it's going swimmingly, the crowds are shopping like mad, and I want to plump up my display to the max when I head back there tomorrow.

I am hoping to be so busy in my little studio today that all jabber about the 9/11 anniversary escapes me. Not that I'm belittling the importance of the event or it's place in history or current events. I'm just so, so tired of the overblown media hype, its use as a political tool, and the sheer self-indulgence it's become when compared with the magnitude of world events. I had one small moment this morning when I remembered what it felt like that day. And I'd like to never repeat it, myself, while fully knowing that some people on this planet live in that shock and horror on a regular basis. It's unimaginable.

So back to the chugging along in the little world of Soapworks. The pear soap seems to be a perfect hit. The French Lavender Spray has become a top seller immediately. Patchouli is very popular in Puyallup. The lack of sleep has inspired a new zit to appear on my face. I tried a new version of date/walnut/banana muesli that is amazing. Asian pears rock. A cup of strong black tea is the antidote to everything. September sunshine is such a unique and vivid shade of blue. Jury duty is the pits and they've hit me up AGAIN! And if anyone has a miracle cure for losing 10 lbs fast, give me a holler. I need to squeeze back in the fall wardrobe stat.