Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Autumn Newsletter

The Autumn newsletter is heading over to the post office today, and will be in mailboxes over the next few days. Just in case you are not on my snail mail or email newsletter lists, I'm also posting it here. The website has been updated for fall too, with a new color scheme, new pictures and all the new product listings. I think I've filled in the whole calendar too, from now through the end of the year. It was late last night, and I know there will be more updates as I get booth locations, and the actual address for Allied Arts in Bellingham this year, which is still being worked out. So "quality control" with the calendar will happen eventually.

I'm also missing a couple of product pix, which I'm working on today if I can get them done, but tomorrow at the lastest. It's a rush today to get price tags on all my Puyallup inventory, and pack what I need to set up early tomorrow morning. So it's all happening at once. Soap of the Month packages are going out too, today or tomorrow, it's just a matter of getting a free minute. The weekend's mail orders are definitely going out today. So it's just a race for time to see how much of the To-Do list can be accomplished before I collapse tonight. And then filling in the holes tomorrow afternoon when I get back. So here goes:

Dear Friends,

Somewhere, smack dab in the middle of August this year, our glorious summer began to retreat out the back door while we were mindlessly sunning ourselves. First it was just a few garden plants petering out. Then a few leaves on the trees began to wither and drop. The sunlight, while still dazzling and warm at midday, took longer to show up for work, and left early. Darker evenings took on a decidedly cool chill. And even the air began to smell different – not quite so green and lush. Maybe even, dare I say it, like FALL. And with it, the rumblings of endings and new beginnings. Even long past my own school days, September marks the start of brand new thinking. A return to regimented schedules. More project lists and less do nothing activities. Hope, like transformation, springs eternal, and autumn is the season most ripe and abundant with opportunity.


We all realize the only constant in life is change. Rather than resist change, at Soapworks Studio we’ve decided to embrace it – consciously and thoughtfully re-creating some of our products to reflect the styles and tastes of the moment, in harmony with each season's special magic. These unique soaps, bath products or sprays are only available for Autumn, and when sold out, are gone until next year. This year’s Autumn Harvest soaps are loaded with our favorite fruits and spices, taking the best of the season and celebrating the bounty. ($4.00 each or 4 bars for $15.00)

PEAR: I tried on dozens of names for this one – juicy pear, sweet pear, golden pear, green pear, asian pear, bosc pear – but they all seemed too precious. So it’s just “Pear.” The most swooningly delectable, ripe, juices dripping down your arm, crisp, perfect pear. It’s a shimmery, translucent light green bar, elegant and gorgeous.

MOROCCAN FIG: Dark, rich, ripe, fruity fig blended with an air of mystery — sensual, exotic, earthy and irresistible. It’s a plush, burgundy bar, abundant with fall’s fruits and leaves.

PUMPKIN SPICE: Sumptuous vanilla and caramel-laced pumpkin, sprinkled liberally with cinnamon, sugar, spice and everything nice.


Our Autumn aromatic sprays will add a festive and cozy air to any home. Unlike potpourri or candles, these sprays can be used to scent table linens, a quilt in a guest room, freshen bathrooms and closets, spritz a note card or gift box, and a million other ways too. ($6.00 each)

FRESH PEAR: New this year! A companion to our new seasonal soap, this spritzer is crisp, light, luxurious, the perfect early Autumn fragrance that lingers like bubbles in a champagne flute.

APPLE HARVEST: This is the perennial favorite and back again this year. Tart, juicy green apples with a light sprinkling of cinnamon, It’s the quintessential scent of autumn, and one whiff transports you to nostalgic memories of apple orchards, cider presses, the crackle snap of crunchy leaves, and bobbing for apples.

PUMPKIN MOON: Luscious pumpkin and traditional spices, a rustling of fallen leaves, and the cool night air under a full moon. This is an unique take on a pumpkin scent, with a base of earthy leaves, smoke tendrils and crisp juniper berries, layered with cloves, nutmeg, cardamom and cinnamon, and topped with fresh pumpkin.

NEW! FRENCH LAVENDER SPRAY: I have received hundreds of requests over the years for a “lavender only” type spray. Here it is. It is a pure, beautiful, 100% lavender essential oil based aromatic spray. Of course it has all the calming and relaxing qualities of the Sweet Dreams spray, perfect for pillow and linen misting. But it makes a nice facial mist too, And a squirt on your sweaters helps keep away moths. This is really the all purpose spray, for face and body, for rooms, closets and drawers, fancy up your lingerie, a bathroom freshener, a sleep aid, or a general calming mist for your car in traffic jams, and your office cubicle – it’s all good.


Just for the autumn season, I’ve added a new flavor, PUMPKIN PIE LIP BALM to the regular line–up. Who can resist the creamy goodness of pumpkin custard, swirled up with cinnamon spices and sweet cream? It’s the same nourishing, natural lip balm base, in the perfect flavor for Halloween treats, Thanksgiving celebrations and Christmas memories.


I’ve searched for some time for a few high quality bath accessories to offer along with the soap and body care products. I now have some that I think are beautiful, excellently made, and useful to have around. These are pictured and detailed on the web site, and mostly sold just online, although certain items will pop up in gift sets here and there. All of them are made of gorgeous, natural hardwoods, and all–natural bristles, with comfortable handles and clean, simple design. The BODY BRUSH has a long, detachable handle for more manageability of backs, shoulders, elbows, thighs and hard to reach spots. The FOOT BRUSH has two sides – a brush for exfoliating and scrubbing tough dirt, and a pumice tool for removing calluses and rough bits. The charming NAIL BRUSH has a flat side for scrubbing tough garden grime and a super handy line of angled bristles on the other side, to whisk dirt from under fingernails. The soft, plushy cotton BOUCLE SOAP SACK is a great way to collect the little ends of soap bars and not waste a sliver, as well as the perfect size for a brand new bar – stuffed in the sack and efficiently adding scrub and suds, like an all–in–one washcloth. Finally, there is the hardwood SOAP DISH. It fits a square bar of Soapworks Studio soap like they were made for each other. And with the pretty curved ridges, allows the bars to fully dry between uses, for longest lasting soap.

The next few months are filled to the brim with craft shows, fairs and festivals too. I'm making an extra effort to bring the goodies to you – so check the enclosed calendar, and log onto the website to get even more details on the CALENDAR page, plus last minute information by clicking on RANDOM SUDS, my popular blog that takes you behind the big green curtain and into the studio.

As always, I sincerely appreciate your loyal business throughout the year, and wish you a brilliant and abundant harvest season!

A toast to the seasons!