Monday, May 01, 2006


Sometimes it's hard to come up with a little journal entry. And I get a little anxious about how much I should share, am I sharing too much, is this vulnerability good or bad, does anyone even care, will they think I am weird? dumb? or even worse, boring?

But then I realize it's not really about me, as much as just a little snapshot of somebody else's life and brain. We are all voyeurs to some extent. That's why we read, watch movies or television, or get hooked on reading blogs. We are just curious about what other people are doing, thinking, feeling. It's human nature. I like peeping into other people's heads as much as the next guy -- and I'm not really making judgements or comparisons, as much as just enjoying the view. It's not such a big deal.

And with all the incessant rambling, rumbling that goes on in my head, it's not too hard to type a few of those tidbits out. It's just the editing that's a little tricky :)

Thoughts for today . . . in no particular order:

I really need to work on my tendency to procrastinate.

Patricia Wexler makes the best skincare line I have ever, ever tried. (And I intend to do a longer post about that soon)

There is absolutly no comparison between fresh, handmade tortillas (carried on the plane directly to me, still warm, from the Southwest) and the gummy grocery store tortillas. I need to find a local place that has better tortillas. Help me out if you know a source?

Mondays are my least favorite day of the week.

A freshly cleaned house is such a wonderful thing.