Thursday, May 11, 2006


Yay! My Cath Kidston book finally arrived. It's her latest, called In Print, and it's all about darling little projects for your home using vintage fabrics. I am crazy in love with vintage tablecloths, wallpaper -- any kind of textile or design. So I've been anxiously waiting for this. I pre-ordered it a while back, seems like months, but probably only a few weeks. And it finally arrived on my doorstep. Ok, a few days ago, really. And I finally got a chance to flip through it today.

Whee! It's so cute. I probably will not make a single one of these projects . . . doorstops? fabric covered matchboxes? lampshades? But just looking at the pictures makes me happy, and inspires new ideas. So fun! I've taken a few pictures just to give you an idea of how truly gorgeous it is -- from antique lace stuff, to the sweetest little ironing board table made out of a flea market find. If only I actually had a laundry room, instead of a corner of the basement, sigh. Oh well. A gal can dream.

After all day yesterday, rushing around and tying up loose ends, I was just contemplating my so-called method on getting stuffs done this week. And decided that there is more madness to my method, than method to my madness. For instance, spending more time on the marketing and announcing of items, than actually getting the items ready for sale. It's all upside down, right? Don't folks usually get all their little items cooked up and ready to sell, and then take the show on the road? Hmm. I'll have to work on that a little better next time. But for now, it's one big race to the finish line, doing it all at once, at breakneck speed. Yahoo and Giddyap, I say.