Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Raspberry Soda Lip Balm

Today was Lip Balm Lollapalooza Day once again. And trying to get some last minutes things finished before the show this weekend. And tying up loose ends for the summer newsletter which I still haven't quite polished up as of this afternoon. It needs to be at the printer by Thursday morning, so it can be in production all weekend, stuffed and rushed to the post office next week. Anyhooooo. Today was "make a bazillion lip balms" once again.

And I had it in my head that I wanted at least one more new flavor to announce for summer. For those in the know, I've already started making the "Cupcake" flavor lip balm, and taken in to a few shows this spring. I cooked it up too late for the spring newsie letter, but I'll give it a debutante party in the summer letter. I just wanted another pretty little partner for it, and something new and delicious to have ready for all the festivals.

So, TA DA! It's "Rasberry Soda"! Stupendous. Tremendous. Think raspberries and cream, kinda fruity and creamy and almost fizzy. Lip lickingly sweet. Mouth wateringly fruity. Swooningly creamy and sweet. I'm taking it with me this weekend. But it won't be up on the web site for purchase until next week when the whole site gets updated for summer. I've just got too much on my hands the next few days to do it. But it will all be there next week -- the beach scenes, the updated "what's new", the whole shebang. I'm spinning like a top at the moment pulling it all together at the same time as this little flurry of May shows is on the horizon. *insert groan* I know I should have planned it all out earlier and worked ahead. Yes, I do know this. :)