Monday, May 15, 2006

Thank you!

What a beautiful weekend! Perfect weather for the first little cookout on the patio with Mom.

From my overflowing little in-box this morning, it seems the Summer Newsletter has indeed arrived. I also received one of the nicest little notes about my products, from a long-time loyal customer. It truly brightened my day. In fact, I had to share it right away with my familly. And what the heck, it's worth posting here too, because it's so good. (Hope you don't mind, N.R.!) Here's what she wrote to me:

"Heidi, I so enjoy your products! I don't know how many years I've been using them, but it's been quite a while. I want to tell you a couple of little stories.

A while back, I gave a co-worker a bar of your soap for her birthday. She came in the next week, so excited! She said she had given up using bar soap years ago because she found it so drying but when she took her shower that morning, she had taken off the wrapper of your soap, and used it. She couldn't believe how it made her skin feel! She said when she got out of the shower, she dug the wrapper out of the garbage, read it and found it had olive oil. She was so delighted that I made a copy of your flyer and brought it to her.

Story number two: I get a massage every two weeks. I started about 11-12 years ago as the practice-dummy for my dear friend who was attending massage school. It felt so good, that I've kept it up! She always comments on what nice skin I have and I work hard to accept that compliment because as I get older (almost 64 years old now), I'm getting age spots and little dry bumps, etc. About six weeks ago, she commented that my skin was so dry and asked if I had changed soap? I thought for a moment and said that I had changed soaps in the shower -- that I was using a free sample of the new Dove Moisturizing bar that I had received in the mail.

She said, "Well, go back to what you were using, because it was better for your skin." Then, I remembered what my co-worker had said (I have to admit that I have never really looked at the ingredients of your soap) about the olive oil. I went home, and tossed the Dove and put a new "Breakfast Soap" in the shower. I also mailed her a bar from the stash I keep on hand, along with a copy of your flyer. She's going to order some for her daughter, who has dry skin. Yesterday, I went for my massage and she immediately commented that my skin was back to "normal"!! So, Heidi -- thanks!"

It's just the nicest feeling to know that my hard efforts are noticed and appreciated. That one sweet little note of encouragement will certainly help me through what looks to be a pretty busy week. Happy Monday! The forecast is sunny, extra toasty and another stunner. Sounds like I need to take a little lunch break out in the garden at some point :)