Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Little Things

I've got a pretty big day ahead. And when I woke up to such a gorgeous morning, with the promise of an even more beautiful day, I was disappointed that I had to spend so much time working toay. And in the basement at that, with just a little window overlooking a large overgrown rhubarb plant. I'm not knocking the rhubarb -- it's given me some incredibly delicious little treats this month. But it's not that pretty, and it's at ground level, with a drab, dinkyl view of the othrwise great outdoors.

So I stood at the back door, looking out at my little patch of garden with my morning cup, and stared longingly at the blue sky and the ginormous lilac bush which is right now in full bloom. It's got more blossoms than I ever remember, and it's absolutely stunning. So here's a picture of my garden and a moment in my shoes.

Next I rumbled downstairs to the office and computer. I have a couple of calendars to keep me straight. The working one has dates and events scrawled all over them, and are more functional than beautiful. But I also have one that I buy each year just to look cute on the desk. It's called "Magic Spectacles" and all the sweet little illustrations are taken from the Book and Ephemera Collection of the Green Tiger Press. Mostly they are darling illustrations from old vintage children's books and postcards, little poems and sayings, and it never fails to make me smile.

Each month has a theme -- A January of Parties, A June of Playing Games, An August of Picture Books, A September of Lanterns, A November of Fireplaces. I had forgetten to turn the page for May until today, and it's a May of Balloons. How fun!

Sometimes it's just the little things that perk up a day . . .