Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Today, Ta Dah

Today I am catching up on all the orders that have come in over the weekend, yesterday and this morning. They will ALL be shipped out today. Promise.

Today I am also sending out the Soap of the Month club packages too. The summer soap gift bags will be in your hands by the weekend, hip hip hooray.

Today I am getting everything done that needs to be ready for the Tacoma Market tomorrow. Well, except for the Bugger Off spray. I thought I had a supply already made up, and it turns out it was just a few bottles which have already sold out. And now I don't have enough time today to make up a whole new batch. But they WILL be done within the next few days, labelled and ready to ship next week, and at the market next week too.

And today I am making more Patchouli soap. It is suddenly the soap of the moment. Who knew there were so many folks that use this particular bar of soap exclusively? Or at least regularly? I can't believe how many folks now order it 8 at a time, every other month or so. And it seems like there is not a single order that comes in without at least 1 or 2 patchouli bars in the list. So -- dandy. Happy to oblige. I'll keep it coming. Cheers!

Note: I've added a couple of new craft blogs to the list -- beautiful work, lovely women, so interesting to get a glimpse into their lives.

Anahata Katkin

And also Whip Up, which is a different sort of craft blog. It's a whole gaggle of crafters which contribute posts, bunches of links, and fun projects to try. It's a wealth of good stuff.