Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Wake up and smell my socks

Who knew that scented clothing was all the rage?  Yesterday it was odor-absorbing, musk and pears (?!) fragranced men's underwear.  Now it's socks made with coffee-bean fibers.  The carbonized coffee stuff is supposed to absorb sweat and odor.  And then what? I'm sure some guys will use that as an excuse to wear them again instead of washing them, right?  Cuz they don't smell that bad yet?

Oh yeah, just found it.  The real story:  I Wore These Socks For A Week And They Don't Smell. Yowza.

They are a walkin' on their own now.

This is what science is working on?  Anyway, if you think you can't live without this, Ministry of Supply are the ones creating these beauties, funded through Kickstarter with a hugely successful campaign.

By the way, Kickstarter kicks ass.  Go over there and help fund some creative genius with their next brilliant project.  I'm not sure I would have picked these sock guys, but I could get lost for hours looking at all the amazing ideas that people are working on: art, design, dance, food, music, theater . . . everything.