Thursday, July 04, 2013

Independence Day

Happy 4th!  I'm taking the day off to laze about, BBQ hamburgers and hot dogs, watch the fireworks display.  Nothing like a little freedom from even thinking about work, even if it's only for a day.

But you - you should be taking advantage of the half-price bath salts sale that ends tonight.  The price never gets any better than this and it's almost gone.  While the grill is heating up and the drinks are chillin', take a sec to load up on the best salts in the world for soaking away stress and pains, or for pampering up perfect peds for sandal weather all summer.

I soaked my little tootsies in a dish-tub of warm water with salts last night.  Dang, that's good stuff.  It's like all the dry skin, the rough patches just melt away in the water.  Never looked better or felt so great.

Have a happy holiday!  Haul out your best red, white & blue.  Fly old glory.  Tack up happy bunting all over the place.  Make your patriotic blueberry, strawberry and whipped cream cakes.  But keep your pets safe from all the loud booms, and for pete's sake keep yourself safe if you're going to blow up a bunch of fireworks in the street.  I leave that stuff for the professionals . . .