Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Stuff I Love - Almost August

* Why no one should mess with the ocean.  Super scary.

* But dolphins?  Not so scary.  Who doesn't love dolphins?  Especially now that we know they actually have names for each other?  And whistle for each other with their own individual names?  Crazy love!

* Which leads me to another crazy love.  Crazy Sexy Kitchen. That's the name of a book, and the tag line for Kris Carr who is hilarious and wonderful and you can't not want to eat like she eats.  Green juices, green smoothies, raw fruit and veggies and the hottest, most nutritious food ever.  Plus her last blog post was beautiful.

* Wired Love (by Ella Cheever Thayer). A tale of catfishing, OK cupid and sexting . . . from 1880.  It was actually written in 1880 (!) about a couple of telegraph operators who started a little long distance flirtation through dots and dashes at work.  But it sounds like a modern day texting romance, complete with all the roller coaster rides we know so well in our social media / techno savvy / smart phone world.  This review of the story is so darn charming and infectiously entertaining, it's worth reading before you actually get to the short story.

If you want to just skip to the actual story, it's here (Project Gutenberg), or a typeset version is here (Google Books).  All free.

* And it reminded me again of how cool it is to have just an embarrassment of riches in older publications available to us through Project Gutenberg and Google Books. If I could, I would read all day. The children's books alone are wonderful.

* And even more than that? It's mind blowing how much information we have available to us in this present moment of time.  It's literally a couple clicks away to know any tiny little thing in the entire universe in under a minute.  With photos, texts, more links and one-click sharing.  And video too!  Anything you want to learn how to do you can watch someone else already doing it, like on the U-tubes. Especially if you want to learn how to apply make-up :) Awesome.

* Ha Ha, but ewww.  Men's underwear "scented with the aroma of musk and pears - and the smell gets stronger the longer you wear them as your body heat activates the fragrance!"  Some guy gave it the real-life sweat test and then sniffed them - so you don't have to.