Friday, June 27, 2008

New Gift Items

What a super summer weekend. It's looks like it's going to be the sunniest, warmest weekend yet. Perfect for the kick-off to the 4th of July week. I'll be selling soap up in La Conner instead of dangling my toes in the water at the beach. Oh well. It's a lovely little town, and the drive is scenic and serene. I'll live.

I've just put a couple of new gift items up on the web site. I've had them at shows the last week or two but just didn't get around to taking photos and posting them up. They are ready for their close up.

The sweet little wire baskets are vintage style berry baskets. They are perfect for a bar of soap and a little accessory - like one of the soap sacks, soap mitts, or washcloth. Add a nail brush. Do 2 bars and a sack and nail brush. Or a dish. Or a mitt and a tin of foot balm. Anything goes here. It's just the perfect size container to put anything you want into it, making a very special custom gift for your lucky somebody.

I've made it simple on the web site, because I can't do a million different options there. The page lets you specify one bar of soap and one accessory - and you can choose from any bar on the list, plus a choice of sack, mitt, washcloth or nail brush. If you want to switcheroo or add anything, you can leave a note in the instruction box. Or better yet, you can call with your individual requests and we'll arrange your unique item. You can find this item HERE.

Also added to the web site - bar and a card gift bags. We've done varieties of these all year - with Valentine's cards, Mother's Day and Father's Day cards, etc. For summer I'm using vintage seed packet graphics to make little postcards. I've got 4 choices - Forget-me-not, Dahlia, Sunflower and Fuschia. So it's a bar of soap and a postcard all prettied up in a little cello sack with a pretty matching ribbon. All for $5, which is almost what you pay for a regular greeting card these days. But this is so. much. better. It's soap for heaven's sake. And card to write your own message on, which is cute as a button.

Again, on the site you can choose from any one of the entire list of soaps, and specify which card you prefer, or let me match it to the color of your soap if you can't be bothered with more decisions right now. Yes, I feel like that too. You can find this item HERE.

One final business note: if you are not on the spanking new email list, you missing out this week. In all the summer sun and fun giddiness, I'm giving away a freebie with all orders over $15 this week. You can still join up any time. There will be more recklessness in the months to come, I promise. You can sign up HERE.

Have a splendid weekend soaking up summer!