Monday, June 09, 2008


I know, totally gross. But it's Monday morning, sigh.

I'm slightly bummed about this week only because the show season starts in earnest now, beginning this weekend with Edmonds. I mean, I like doing shows and all, making money and selling stuff. But I don't really like all the pressure of it. The frenzied work that goes into each week to get ready and then to be working all weekend too while everyone else is enjoying their summer vacations and lazy days.

So it begins. Now I could have been preparing in advance for weeks now, so it wouldn't be quite so frenzied, right? It just didn't turn out that way. I've been building up inventory a bit, but with the orders and scattered sales taking chunks out of it, there's still a lot to do. And as the next few weeks unfold, there's Sorticulture the next week and La Connner the following week, you never know exactly what you will have left, what you will need more of, what sells, what doesn't, or whether the show is a grand success or not.

The Edmonds Art Fair sets up on Thursday and has a preview night that evening. And with my Wednesdays committed to Collage, I've got basically a 2-day week. Which I didn't think about too much while I lazed away my last weekend, napping, taking it easy, having Father's Day a week early with a huge waffle bar brunch and an afternoon out to see the Indiana Jones movie. I enjoyed my last slow weekend at home and avoided work.

So hellloooo Monday. And get cracking.