Thursday, June 19, 2008

Sun break

I woke up this morning to a light drizzle and thought "oh no, not another day of gray and rain. I don't want to set up in the rain. I don't want to do another outdoor show in the rain. drat."

I headed down to the office early to finish up a few last minute things before I need to drive up to Everett this afternoon to set up my tent for Sorticulture. And then the sun came out. Cue the choir of angels. This is my much neglected garden in a moment of dazzling brightness that I hardly ever get to see. It's beautiful. The mountains are visible in the distance although you can't see it in the lightness of the background in the photo. A view!

I'm so excited for this weekend. I have some cool new baskets to make gift sets out of. And I'm going to buy plants. Just one or two. I've got a few spots that I'm looking for something special. There are few things I like more than shopping for plants and garden stuff. Yippee. Can't wait to see what's there.

A reminder - it doesn't start til noon tomorrow, but it goes later, til 8pm.