Thursday, June 05, 2008

Email begins

Wheee - my first big email promotion went out yesterday to all the folks who signed up for my brand spankin' new email list. It's kinda cool if I say so myself. Very professional looking.

I signed up to work with Constant Contact, a service that provides templates and technology to create those web site-looking emails. They manage the whole list and keep track of everything, but I am the one who writes it all up, uploads photos, slaves over all the monkeying around getting it to look just right. I spent the weekend working on it, teaching myself how to use all the new gizmos and widgets and formatting. And I hashed out a schedule of other promotions - at least one a month - for the rest of the year. Some are coupons for a percentage off the next order. Some are freebie goodies when you order something. And the rest of the seasonal newsletters will be sent my email too - paper for most folks still, email only for a some of the folks who have transferred over, and some people have signed up for both as a way to keep getting my little newsletter in the mail but want the to see the monthly specials too. It's all good, the more the merrier.

June's email promo featured a special Father's Day gift idea (which you can check out on the website HERE), and highlighted some summer products too, like the Foot Balm, the Bugger Off natural bug repellant spray, and the Dead Sea Bath Salts in new summer fragrances. There's also a coupon on this one - a bonus for the folks who jumped on board right away, thanks!

Just in case you missed it and want to sign up to receive the next promotion (first week of July), you can head over to the web site and sign up HERE.

Another toy to play with!