Monday, June 16, 2008

Another Monday

A quick update today in shorthand. I had a great weekend, and the show turned out pretty well. I had a really nice spot, next to a door with sunlight and fresh air and a beautiful view. This is it. Top of the Edmonds library is a plaza or courtyard thingie which overlooks downtown Edmonds, towards the ferry dock and the sound and mountains beyond.

Friday was grey and freezing, and I was so glad I had chosen to be inside because the outside folks were freezing. Saturday and Sunday turned out to be beautiful days - sunny and warm. And the outside folks were hot and sweaty and I was so glad I had chosen to be inside, once again. Because look! I had all the view, all the fresh breeze, and none of the bother. Sparkling blue ocean, everyone hanging out in the glistening sunshine eating ice cream bars over the railing.

I am in a bit of a spin because I have another rush of a week. Just two days really to get ready for the Sorticulture show this coming weekend. It's another 3-day show which starts Friday. Set up is Thursday. Wednesday is my shift at the shop. So today I have to do all the unpacking and clean up. Plus send out the accumulated orders, including a nice big wholesale order for A Lot of Flowers in Bellingham. (They'll have all fresh new soaps and stuff next week y'all.) Do all the catching up of everything on earth, which means laundry, grass mowing, yard watering, bill paying, lonely cat petting.

So, can I package everything I need for an entire show tomorrow? Yes, I think I can. But it won't be fun. So I'm off - gotta keep moving.