Sunday, May 18, 2008

Sizzling Saturday

Wow, it got HAWT yesterday. It reached 90 here, and since last week, it was winter weather, nobody was really ready for it. We're wimps and we don't adjust to heat that well around here.

So sales were a bit slow at the U District show yesterday - too hot to think or shop or carry stuff around, I guess. But it was a huge turnout and a lot of fun to see everyone basking in the brilliant sun, celebrating a taste of summer. It's only a couple of days too, because we're back to rain and 60's on Monday. Today should be a bit cooler, in only the 70's with a few clouds, so a lot more comfortable.

My feet are still aching from standing on an angle all day. I'm searching for the perfect pair of shoes to stand in today. Maybe one tall one and one flat? I'm packing a few more things to fill in some holes. And bottling up extra water. It's thirsty on the street!

I am also cursing myself for not requesting a new location this year. It's too close to the circus that is the "spin-the-wheel" game at the used records store behind me. I'm so, so dumb. I've hated that spot for a couple of years now, and yesterday was no exception. It's loud, it's crowded, and my booth becomes a walkway and a gawker hang-out. But it's all my own fault for never learning from my own mistake. Hey, the blasting Stevie Wonder and Bob Marley weren't that bad, really. It's just the Helter Skelter that I can't stand.

College students don't have any money. And they sure like to wear skimpy clothes. But the two old dudes in loin clothes? with their danglies bouncing around as they paraded up and down promoting their nudist colony? That was much skimpier. Summertime in the city. It's certainly a big event.