Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Group Health shops - next go round

We've hammered out dates for the next two spins at the Group Health retail space. Patricia (my pal who does the caramels and caramel corn) and I are sharing the space and divvying up the working hours so that's it is more manageable. Maybe other helpers too, because the holiday rush is so very busy for everybody.

Halloween theme shop will be a full week from Thurs Oct 23 through Thurs Oct 30, but closed on Sunday. I will be open for business on the Saturday, so regular working folks have a chance to stop by, chat and shop. I know there were a number of my regular fans who were disappointed that they couldn't check out the shop last time since it was only during normal working hours. We'll most likely be open 9:30-4:30, but if I hear from folks that they need me to be there earlier/later/whatever, it is still negotiable. We end the Thursday evening before Halloween, because the holiday falls on a Friday, and most people are rushing home to take kids out to trick-or-treat, or dress for their own parties - and we'll want to do that too! But we also have shows on the weekend, and need a day to regroup.

The Winter holiday/Christmas shop will be two weeks long, around the Thanksgiving holiday. We will open for business on Tuesday and Wed, Nov 25 and 26. We'll be closed for Thanksgiving on Thursday. Then we'll open again for Friday and Saturday, Nov 28 and 29. Closed on Sunday. And finally open Monday through Thursday, Dec 1-4. No Friday hours, we're finished Thursday night. Again, we need a day before the huge Phinney show on the weekend to get ourselves organized. We'll have tons of prezzies, stocking stuffers, holiday goodies, gifts galore, twinklie lights and fun decor. It should be a blast! And again, we'll have Saturday hours for folks. If you think we need to be open on Sunday, or evenings or whatever suggestions you have, give me a holler. We have months to plan out the hours and details, although the dates are firm.

These dates, plus the other fall shows that I know right now are up on the website calendar - HERE.