Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Shop til you drop

Day 2 of THE SHOP started out super quiet. I worked on some of my small tasks, listened to the tunes, and generally bored myself silly and thought the shop thing was a stupid idea. But then lunch hour buzzed along nicely, and I got a break for a couple of hours while my Mom watched the till so I could rush home and get a batch of soap started quickly, check messages and stuff. It's so hard to keep it all up this week since I just sent out the mailer. Orders are arriving daily, lots of phone calls, questions, emails and things to stay on top of. So every minute counts.

Then I headed back to finish the day, chat with more folks who were gift shopping, and generally had a pretty successful day. I'm already needing to bring more supplies and inventory each day. Lessons for Tuesday - don't bring crappy music or your day will be really long. Likewise, dress warmly if you are planning on propping the door open all day while it's our stupid, sucky, cold, gray, windy and 40's something weather here, or again, your day will be really long and nippy. I had to keep closing the door for short periods and shoot the heat up so we didn't all freeze. Worst. spring. ever.

Day 3 - I guess it's Wednesday already - there's only an early report. Patricia is working most of today. I headed out for more flowers and plants super early this morning and opened the shop. I was there an hour early and already folks wanted to buy stuff, waiting at the door. The day started off with a BANG! And I did a rush of business the first couple of hours before lovely Patricia arrived.

I've got just a few short hours in the office again today - to work on more orders, run to the post office and bank, and attend to all the rest of everything before I head over again this afternoon to finish up the shop hours. Blur, blur, blur. My head is spinning. More later.