Tuesday, May 06, 2008


Checking in after my first day as "shopkeeper." It wasn't so bad for a quiet little Monday. I had folks wander in all day, in little spurts, and small bunches at lunch time. And I had a fairly productive day. Lots of comments on how nice it all looked, how great it smelled in there, and that they would be back later in the week with their gift lists.

It was pretty profitable too! One gal came specially with a long list from her Mom in Massachusetts. Her mother had seen me at Sorticulture last summer and fell in love with my stuff. So she gave her daughter a list of things she wanted, and will be visiting in Seattle in a couple of weeks to pick up her little treasure. So sweet.

What I've learned - remember the key when you run to the bathroom, because getting locked out and having to call security to let you in is stupid. That driving in the car with buckets of water can be a messy business if you didn't pack well. And that I'm definitely a morning person. I know this because I will almost never opt to do more work in the evening, choosing instead to get up a little earlier the next day to do whatever else needs to be done. I am now doing 2 loads of laundry, packaging a bunch of items, cash counting and bookkeeping, re-loading for today etc., starting at 6am. Which is fine. I'm more focused and more energetic than I was last night. Which, if you'd seen me, was ridiculous - like an old granny going to bed at 9am, barely able to shuffle across the floor.