Thursday, May 08, 2008

4th day shop shop shop

Several folks have said my little shop is the nicest display they've had there. One gal made it a point to emphasize EVER. So that's an especially nice compliment.

I'm a whirlwind this week. Trying to rush back and forth, working before hours, working after hours, trying to squeeze in a moment or two with the cats before they forget that I live here too. There isn't time for anything else, like life. It's all work this week. But it's going swimmingly at the shop.

And we are discussing when I can go back - I'd like October and December. I'll try to get some confirmed dates on the calendar as quickly as possible. Next time I'll continue into Saturday so regular working folks can have a chance to see it. I'm already percolating ideas about next time. I will definitely schedule help better, rather than the last minute calls for help I did this time, in order to get an hour or two in the morning to squeeze in the orders and stuff.

I am an online mail order company after all - that's the bread and butter. This shop thing is frosting on the cake, sort of like a show, but so many more hours. So I have to cover the bases and plan ahead to get figure out how to add on. But with months to work on it, you would think I might manage. Then again, I'm a last minute Sue.

Rambling. My head is moving too fast to type. I've got 5 minutes before I'm supposed to head out again to meet somebody.

And the fresh batch of cucumber jasmine soap just unmolded and curing outside my office is so damn yummy and intoxicating that I can't even think straight.