Friday, April 04, 2008

Spring Fling Gift Boutique

I guess that's what I'm calling it. I am "renting" a storefront for the week before Mother's Day on Capitol Hill, here in Seattle. I'm not sure if you call it renting, maybe more like borrowing it. It's a tiny little jewel box shop space which belongs to Group Health, on their Central Group Health Campus. They loan it out to folks from time to time, and a percentage of the sales go towards their TLC Guild, which helps with patient's needs, buying them necessary items etc.

We have finalized the details, and I'm ready to make the big announcement. It's kind of exciting, because I've never had a store to myself. Of course, it's really no bigger than my tent at any outdoor show, but it's a corner space with windows, and I can decorate it all myself.

Dates: Monday through Friday, May 5 through 9.
Times: 9:30am - 4:30pm
Location: Group Health Central Campus on Capitol Hill
Address: 108 - 15th Ave E, Seattle

I haven't even seen the spot yet, though it's been described to me in great detail. I'm going over next week to scope it out and begin planning my display. The plan is to make it a gift shop for any and all spring celebrations, although the focus will be Mother's Day items since that's happening that week. I'll have all my usual products, plus I'm brainstorming some other stuff to have a more complete selection of gifts. I'll have some cards, some planted floral pots, vases and flowers, and who knows what else I can cram in there. I will obviously update you all on the details as we get closer and I get it all worked out.

Everyone is welcome to stop by - it's open to the public, though it will be advertised all over Group Health for the employees too. A fun new adventure!