Tuesday, April 01, 2008

April Fools

Does anybody even prank any more? Apparently Pizza Hut has changed it's name to "Pasta Hut" today. And Google announced their new "custom time" feature which allows you to send emails to the past. Snork, snork.

Yesterday was Opening Day for baseball, and I got a FREE ticket to go to the Mariner's game. Whoo Hoo! I got a little teary-eyed several times during the whole opening ceremonies - the music, the fireworks, the little guy with cancer who ran the bases, the thundering announcements, Dave Niehaus holding his pants up with one hand while throwing out the first pitch. Too bad we had to close the roof because it was flipping snowing! Brrrr it was cold out there. Sorta tough on the "boys of summer" but they pulled through and gave us a win, and a fine time.

Just to follow up on that whole sales tax discussion: "Anonymous" commented that out of state sales aren't affected by the new rules. And by jove, that's absolutely right. I had been going by earlier announcements that I got in the mail, and tried to read all the fine print in the legalize, somehow missing that part. Since the whole point of the new rule is to join some federal program, and even up the internet taxes across the board, I guess I just assumed it meant all the sales, wherever they are. But it is, in fact, only applicable to sales within Washington state (just shipped or delivered, not stores). Yee haw. Here's the offical-ese in easy to understand language, for anyone else who is interested or might be affected. I'm going to one of the workshops next month to learn all the ins and outs of how it's going to work. Sounds like a blast? Umm hmm.

I have so many little tasks on my lists today, it's no joke. Gotta get crackin'!