Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Awww, shucks

I got the sweetest little note this morning in my email box from a customer. It certainly perked up my day, so I'm sharing it.

C.H. wrote:

I'm ordering six of your Lavender Pear soaps.

My grand daughter just turned seven and is beginning to read and likes to nose around in my soap basket. She saw your Lavender Pear, smelled it and hugged it to her chest begging me to let her have it...........hence my order for six more. She also likes the Roses & Violets.

I just couldn't refuse her "birthday wish". Of all the gifts she got, I think the simple little Lavender Pear Soap was her favorite. She was singing in the bath so happy that night and when I helped her out of the tub she said, "Oh Grammie, thank you I smell so nice! I really like that soap".

I also note that the next morning, she was very meticulous in making sure "her soap" was packed up carefully to take back home with her.

She sent me a photo too, and she's the cutest little gal ever, with a smile that lights up a room. So glad I could give that little sweet pea a birthday gift she could treasure :)