Monday, April 28, 2008

Apple Blossom Explosion

After the snow and storms of the previous week, it's amazing to see what a few short days of "normal" temperatures and one nice, sunny day on Saturday brings. My garden has exploded with blooms. All the plants seem to have doubled in size since Thursday. The lilac bush completely opened up over night. And the tight little apple blossom buds on the tree next door have exploded into huge, pink and white flowers. So much prettiness is hard to take in. I have to keep looking out the windows, from room to room, just to see it from another angle.

The summer newsletter is almost here. I just got it back from the printer, am stuffing and sticking, and it should head out Wednesday. I'll post it here too, and I'll be working on all the web site updates in the next couple of days. So if you see something wonky on the site, it's me. Everything happens live, and I'll be monkeying around with it off and on the next day or so. Pay no attention to the wild swings in colors and mumbo jumbo.

Other bits:

I got word that I'm accepted into the Bellevue 6th Street Fair again this year. Yippee!

I am re-starting an email mailing list. I had one long, long ago and it wasn't that great. This time around I'm working with Constant Contact and it should be super whiz-bang. Professional web site looking newsletters. And I've got big plans for special offers, coupon type thingies and discounts, all kinds of bait to get people to join and keep coming back. Stay tuned - the announcement is in the newsletter and you can already sign up HERE now. I'm doing a little crash course in how to work their programs, but it isn't that hard now that I'm a pro in the web site workings and blogger :) I'll be sending out email updates monthly and will do a welcome one in May for the first folks who join in the fun.

Next week - Monday through Friday each day - I'll be setting up my own little shop at the Group Health campus on Capitol Hill. It will be my own little version of a Spring/Mother's Day style gift shop, with mostly my full line of products, but some plants, flowers, vases, greeting cards and things too. I really hope it's a success and more than just a couple of nurse on their lunch break stop by. Here are the details if you can get a minute to duck in and say hello:

Spring Fling Gift Boutique