Monday, April 07, 2008

Ooops - Paypal

Dang. I'm a dork. Yesterday I was all hyped about adding Paypal as a payment option because it's more secure for the customer. And today I blabbed about it in the previous blog entry, making a biggie deal about it.

Aaaaaaand, later today, somebody tried to order using Paypal. Ooooooops. I forgot. I don't have taxes and shipping included in my shopping cart. For a bunch o' reasons, but the short story is that I use a flat rate chart instead of calculating shipping on each order by weight. It's a lot cheaper for the buyers, a lot easier for me, but not possible with the shopping cart. And taxes are a' gonna change, as I mentioned a few days back. Starting in July, Washington purchasers will pay the tax rate from where they live, instead of where I do business. The shopping cart on the website cannot work that way either. I only get to put in one tax rate. It won't think up all those other rates from every city and burg in the whole state. So again, I manually add those charges in as I process the order, and it doesn't appear when you check out.

So the Paypal idea is a bust. I wouldn't get the correct payment for those orders. I took it down.

But I've got my thinking cap on. I just don't know how to swing it yet.