Thursday, April 10, 2008

A quick cuppa

In between the lip balms setting up and the next round, I've got a minute for a quick cup of tea and a few quick sentences on the blog. I'm making some special cupcake lip balms for the Puyallup Fair next week, and I'll have more of them at the Spring Fling shop at Group Health just before Mother's Day. They are in the little round tins that I used at Christmas, so it's a bit more goop in the tin, and scrumptious smelling. It's making me so darn hungry - the house is filled with vanilla and sugar.

Ooooh the flowering trees are so pretty right now. The magnolias, cherry blossoms, pear and plum trees are all in full bloom and absolutely gorgeous. The official dates of the Tulip Festival in Skagit county have already begun, and I'm guessing the fields are already blooming, or bloomed out. I've seen garden tulips already fully exploded in the neighborhood, although my own are tall and happy, but have not opened up yet. It's so much warmer and sunnier in the fields there - they have to be farther along than mine. And it seems like by the time the Mt Vernon show happens (also next week) everything but the little display gardens are usually done. It's such a bummer to miss the full bloom - the tourist folks have already come and gone. The busloads are dwindling down and the crowd is mostly locals.

Cupcakes call, gotta run.