Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Conscious living

Today is Earth Day. I'm not doing anything special today, mostly because it feels like every day is Earth Day lately. So many decisions about what to buy, what to eat, what to do more or less of. I guess I'm even more caught up in it because it's saving my pocketbook as well - trying to get by with all the higher prices for everything, from gas to food to energy bills.

So here's my plan in a nutshell:

Use less.
Go as natural as possible.
But make sure the natural is also sustainable.
And try to make it all as local as possible too.

If I can achieve all of them, yippee. But if I can only achieve 1 or 2 for any given item, I go that route and keep looking. Of course budget is an issue too, and I won't break the bank to buy something - I'll just do without usually. The necessities are covered. Simplicity - often involuntary, often by design.