Sunday, March 02, 2008

Talk to me

I've added a poll! (See box to the immediate right.)

New tricks, don't ya know. I've posted up a little opinion poll to hear what y'all think about summer scents, just to keep in touch with what you want to see the most.

There seem to be "families" of scents that people like or prefer. Some people are all about the "all natural" thing - and I have to admit that I lean that way. As I've read more about the pthalates in fragrances, I've tried to head more in the direction of blending pure plant essential oils, rather than experimenting more with synthetic fragrance oils. Most of my current menu is 100% natural at this point, but frankly, essential oils can sometimes be a bit limiting. So I still keep a few scents that are a mix - part essential, part fragrance (lavender pear, red currant & tangerine, masculine musk, sandalwood). And there are some that are completely synthetic (baby love, vanilla bean). But my biggest priority - right after making the best stuff I can - is to make exactly what you all simply have to have in your life. It's more about what you want, than what I prefer in my shower. So I'm giving you guys a chance to steer the bus for the next round. I have a few ideas in mind, and things that I may or may not do. But it can all be changed if I get a flurry of suggestions. So I'm trying this new experiment with the poll to see what happens. Do the click!

When we get to the summer season, sometimes what we think of most tends to be things that aren't represented by an essential oil - fruity stuff, tropical pina colada stuff, cucumber and grass, etc. I would die to be able to create a super luscious coconut soap, but I can't seem to get any coconut fragrance to hold well - it always comes out weak and stupid (still trying, though). But there are some that blend with pineapple and other notes that seem to work better. Coconut?

I have not tried a ripe raspberry type fragrance in soap before - almost all the samples so far seem kind of chemical smelling instead of a true fruit, but if I hear from a bunch of you that you simply must have blackberry or loganberry or huckleberry or whatever, I'll check it out. Likewise with the melon - honeydew, watermelon, cantalope.

Maybe you're a green fiend - you want it tall, cool, and green. I tend to think of these as cucumber, fresh cut grass, bamboo, some mint blends. These can be natural or synthetic or a mix of both. I've done some of these in the past - is there a hankering for more?

Or keep on keeping on with the all-natural. Most of what I've done lately has been this direction - Bergamot Shea, Rosemary Orange, Citrus Mint Poppy, Lemon Bliss. I can do more - herb garden stuff, minty fresh stuff.

And if I haven't covered your preference or you want to be more specific, there is always the comment box. Jot down whatever you're thinking and leave me a quickie note. I've got the poll up for a couple of weeks, but then I need to start cranking out the soap.