Friday, March 14, 2008

Best of the Northwest

Today is the first day of the Best of the Northwest show. It's at Qwest Field Events Center - basically the first floor of the stadium at street level, where all the food counters are.

Apparently advertising was a little scarce, so just to confirm -- the hours are Fri noon - 8pm, Sat and Sunday 10-6. Admission is $8 to get in. Parking is not free, and you may be able to find street parking or use one of the nearby lots. More information is on their WEB SITE, along with a discount coupon off the admission price. You can get directions and a list of artists there.

We set up yesterday - it's a new location, new dates, new hours for all of us. It's quite a big space, but configured completely differently than we are used to, so a little shuffling around and confusion, but generally went quite well. I am running late, of course, getting ready. So totally me. Wait til the last minute. And if I'm being honest, this first big show with the whole full-on tent and props is sooo hard to get together for the first time this year, after months of no shows. So I just dropped off my display and am heading over this morning with more to set it all up.

I like that we don't start until noon. It gives me a little breather this morning to get more organized and fill in some small holes that I didn't have ready yesterday. I'll have lots more of the Easter and Mother's Day cards to make little gift packages with. They've been a big hit at the shop and the craft show last week. I've got the lip balms and all the spring stuff too. Hopefully we'll have some customers show up. That would make the weekend just a tad bit happier, wouldn't it?