Friday, March 07, 2008

Balms away!

I spent yesterday making lip balms. Lots of lip balms. They've been out of stock the last couple of months, as I mentioned earlier, because my supplier stopped carrying the tins and I couldn't find a replacement. But it's all solved now, for the moment, and I've got all the happy little flavors back on the web site.

Current yummy flavors (order HERE) are Vanilla Tangerine, Coconut Lemon, Strawberry Rose, Raspberry Soda, Cupcake, Herbal Mint, Root Beer and Lavender.

I'll have them at the Best of the Northwest show next weekend. And there's been a small supply at Collage all along, but I'll restock the most popular flavors there too. Plus, you can always order them from the web site.

Awwwww, my little poll over here is lonely. I know there have been more visitors than that stopping by each day - but I guess you all must trust me to come up with something good on my own. Okey doke. :)

Happy Friday!