Friday, February 29, 2008

Leap Day!

Leap Day! One extra day this month. One more day to shuffle my stuff around here in preparation for a show next week. Dang, it's hard to do the very first one. I must have turned into a slacker during the last month. Oh, that's right. I already was a slacker.

I got a notice in the mail yesterday that the sales tax rate is going to increase here locally. The new rate in Seattle, King County, Bellevue, etc. changes as of April 1st - from 8.9% to a full 9%. Yowza. I hate to have to make the change for my customers. But I hate to have to pay it myself too - for everything I buy. And right now, in the midst of a recession (or slow down, or brink of economic havoc or whatever you call it). Gas prices are going up too. Groceries are higher than ever. And the financial predictions keep saying it's going to get worse. What's up with all this bad news?

Can't think about it. Today is a super busy one. And I just finished my bookkeeping for this month - it was record-breaking good for a February. Guess I'll have to pinch all those pennies for next month, ooooch.

Happy Friday! I'd be giddy about the fact that it's almost the weekend, but I have to work all weekend. So I'll just be half giddy for everybody else. We're marching into March -and that means flowers and spring are finally here. The birds are back and singing sweetly. That's giddy-making enough for me.