Monday, February 11, 2008

noodles for lunch today?

yes, quite.

suffering from some sort of stupid virus. no energy. super sore throat. coughing.

everyone else in the whole world apparently has it too. everyone i've talked to, everyone on the bus, everyone in everyone else's office too. flu season sux.

thanx for all the orders coming in from the spring newsletter. i'm working on all of them as quickly as possible - between bouts of coughing my head off, short naps and breaks for tea. it's all still on time for now, nothing late - yet.

caucusing on sat was really fun! this is going to be an interesting year, eh? i met so many new neighbors i never even knew i had - we had 10 times more people show up than 2004!

in my netflix queue: Rosemary & Thyme - those 2 nosy parker gardner ladies that solve mysteries, a BBC tv show. it goes so nicely with soup, tea, cookies (bicuits) and blankies.

noodles for lunch today? yes, quite.