Friday, February 22, 2008

Friday afternoon

Ooh, pretty little postcard graphic. I have no idea what "many happy returns of the day" means. At all. But this has been a mostly happy day and if it returns tomorrow, like groundhog day, I wouldn't be terribly disappointed.

It's been a stunningly beautiful day - warm, sunny and stress free. I've been working on some new scent combinations for the summer seasonals and the upcoming spring shows. I want to bring some new bath salts to my first two shows in a couple of weeks. So I'm fiddling about in the studio, mixing and blending and rooting around for leftover bits I can I recycle to make something brand new. And then I got a little distracted and starting putzing around with a new cd of copyright-free artwork that I can work into new labels.

I do not have photoshop or any other graphics type softwear, it's all cut and paste with my little collages and labels. So I'm playing around with a couple of ideas. I'm really into vintage birds at the moment, but that doesn't quite represent bath salts or any particular scent.

It's all half-baked, and nothing is finished or finalized, but it didn't have to be. It's just playing, for now. A perfect Friday afternoon. The cats are lazing in the sunny windows and chasing flies. Maybe a quick run to the post office for the last time this week, and then a nap. Sounds pretty good.