Tuesday, February 26, 2008


The name of this darling little shop in NYC is Fishs Eddy. Coolest dishes ever.

I, however, am feeling decidedly uncool today. I'm bored with the blog, and the same old plotz that I've been doing lately. I want to change it all up and make it cool again, with new colors, new links, better photos of stuff. You know what happened -- I was surfing around some cool indie handmade sites, and browsing stuff at Etsy, and realizing that there is so. much. cooler. stuff out there.

But I've got a full day with several long-winded errands and I can't spend any more time in front of the computer. I'm making notes and hoping I can work on it soon, maybe over the weekend. I need to kick myself into gear and start working a little harder than I have been this last month. You know, get with the program. I'm usually a little more ambitious and motivated, but this has been a particularly lazy month. Which is ok, but it can't last forever. March is the beginning of shows again. In fact, I set up the very first one on Sunday.

If I had a million dollars and cabinet space for days I would get all of these from Fishs Eddy, and probably more: