Monday, April 16, 2007

The week begins

My, it was a lovely weekend here, with just the right mix of showers at night and sun during the day that the plants outside look like they have doubled in size since last week. I took a couple of hours off Thursday to put in some new starts and baby tomato plants, plus the freshly budding dwarf japanese maple I bought for the new front yard. I wanted to get them in the dirt before the rains came, and it was just the right timing.

So last week was generally a success - the taxes were finished and mailed, a new round of show applications shipped off, tons of sprays, lip balms, foot balm made. Orders caught up. Summer mailing started, and lots of time spent updating the calendar on the web site. Supplies ordered. Packaging commenced for this week's shows. I made a lot of progress, but obviously there is more to be done this week too. And I'm headed off this morning to Collage for another training shift on the cash register and such. Would it help if I listed my schedule here and on the calendar in case anyone wanted to stop by to see me? Probably that's a good idea, and it just came to me while I typed this, so I'll confirm the May dates and do that later today.

This week is pretty intense with shows - the Puyallup Spring Fair sets up Wednesday, and I work out there all day Thursday. Then the Mt Vernon Tulip Festival street fair is Friday through Sunday. I'll post all the details tomorrow when I have the one day in the office to finish up everything. Happy Monday!