Friday, April 06, 2007


Sorry, I meant to post this yesterday, but I've been a little under the weather, and so fatigued that it was all I could do to drag my butt through the necessaries all day.

The scoop is that I was asked to join a little artist's co-op type gift shop in Kirkland a couple of months ago. It's called Collage, and it's located in the Carillon Point complex, just across from the entrance to the Woodmark Hotel. There are about 25 artists, ranging from baby clothes to jewelry to cards to clothing to glass to whatever, and some nice little commercial gifty stuff too mixed in, just to cover all the bases.

Sarah Anderson, The Soap Lady from Snohomish, has been the soap gal there for the past 5 years, but she's moving on to her other love, fiber art, and needing time for family so she's slowly moving away from the shop. I'm the replacement soap gal. This month we are sharing the display - half the area is hers and half is mine - as we figure it all out. So I set up my little shelves of soap, sprays, sachets, and gift items on Wednesday. It's not my total and complete line, but most of it, and all the most popular stuff. Next month, May, we are working towards the whole space being just me. Fingers crossed that it all works out. (Hint: if you are going over there, it wouldn't hurt to mention that you love my stuff or are glad to see me there, *wink)

So for those of you who have forever been asking about where in the Seattle area you can find a shop to pick up some of the products, it's finally here! It will be especially convenient for folks on the Eastside, but it will be the one local shop that will have the full array of (almost) everything in the product line. I'll keep it stocked with all the usual suspects, and bring over the seasonals as they are available. The only things that may not always be fully stocked are a few of the more unique soap scents, like Sacred Smoke, Havana and Anise -- just because there is always a limit on space and I need to have room for the most requested items. Anyway, if you have a question - either call me or the shop before you head over, just to make sure.

Parking is free! You need to park in one of the public parking lots, take a ticket, and have it stamped at the shop - but it gives you an hour and a half of time to wander about the area, marina, etc. as well. Hope to see you there one bright day!

Deets: Collage, at Carillon Point
2245 Carillon Point, Kirkland WA 98033
Drive straight into the complex, it's just past the first stop sign on the left, near the entrance to the parking garage and around the circle, directly across from the Woodmark Hotel.
Phone: 425-828-7557