Thursday, April 12, 2007

Earth Friendly

Today is linkie bits abouts going green:

Kimberly-Clark, parent company to Kleenex and Scott brands, refuses to stop using virgin paper fiber from the endangered North American Boreal forests, which represent one quarter of the world's remaining intact ancient forests, vital to fighting global warming. Greenpeace is leading the protest, and if you are so inclined, you can send a message to them, by visiting and voicing your opposition to Kimberly Clark's clear-cutting. is a great resource for news on the green front, covering everything from transportation, to clothes, to policy, to weddings. With over 24 blog postings a day on a wide range of subjects, how to articles and links to take action.

And I just found out about Eco Encore - right here in Seattle! If I ever get a minute to sort through all my oldy moldy cd collection I'm headed right over there. This is how I think it works - you donate your old books, cds, dvds, video games etc to them. They sell them online (Amazon and whatnot) and the money goes to a number of local (Northwest) environmental organizations. It's a winning combination all around. You get a clean house, the stuff gets recycled in a good way, the money goes to environmental groups who are helping to stop global warming, and it's all in the 'hood.

Finally, a place you can OPT-OUT of those annoying pre-screened invitations that come in the mail for credit cards and insurance. The Opt-Out Prescreen site lets you do it electronically online for 5 years, or gives you the option of filling in a form online that you print and mail in order to be deleted permanently. Imagine! Never receiving another "pre-screened" credit card offer again. There must be some catch - or loophole. I just know they will find a way to still send me junk mail, but it can't hurt to try.