Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Target Practice

Apologies for going missing. I know how lousy it is to come back and keep finding the same lousy post. But I'm going to have to be sporadic all week.

I haven't done my taxes yet. I know. *eyeroll* I'm a last-minute deadline gal, but never usually this bad. I do my stupid bookkeeping and taxes and all the financial stuff myself. I'm not great with math, but I've been struggling my way through it since the very start. If I handed it over to someone else, I would never have any idea what my situation was or what I was doing. And it's honestly not that bad, but it's time consuming. Especially when you have to triple and quadruple check yourself because you have some dyslexia with numbers.

And I've got two big shows next week that I'm trying to gear up for - Mt Vernon's Tulip Festival weekend and the Puyallup Spring Fair. I need to be starting my summer newsletter . . . well at least starting something. Plus training at the shop (Collage) and working out the hinkies. And there's a bazillion other things I'm fiddling about with too this week. So I'm feeling a little overwhelmed and not that talky.

Cheers - at least I'm saving you from 7 whole days of whining and pity parties! Hope you all are having a jolly week. I'll check in when I can.