Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Fingers crossed

Today is a big week for show notifications and I'm waiting on several. I'm anxious to finalize my summer schedule, get it all up on the web site, and print out the little calender insert that I put in the newsletter. I am going on vacation this weekend, and I just want to have everything in place so that next week I can get that summer mailing finished, printed and shipped out. May is such a busy month for me that I need to get as much organized as possible.

What I know at this very minute is that I DID get into Sixth Street Fair again, in Bellevue the last weekend of July. I'll have my same spot right in front of the California Pizza Kitchen. I'm incredibly excited about all that - it was one of my best shows last year. And I DID get into Art a la Carte, which is the little island of an art festival in the middle of Taste of Tacoma on the last weekend of June. Still waiting with fingers crossed on a couple more. I will probably not get the web site updated until next week, since I'm in a flurry of last minute preparations before I leave in the wee hours of dawn Friday morning.

It's been a busy day in Dollville, and tomorrow will probably be a day of panic and packing, but I'll make it a point to stop in here and do the final update before I'm off to MEXICO!