Monday, October 16, 2006

Topsy Turvy Day

Today is upside down and one giant mess. I'm packaging, packing and gathering the Vasa Park show items (for set-up tomorrow, more on that later) - in one big pile. Or maybe several piles. I've (finally!) gotten out all the fall and Halloween decorations for the house, and that is strewn about in little piles in several rooms, because I started it and then got distracted and then distracted again.

I've gotten phone calls and emails this morning about adding two new shows to the holiday schedule, which I'm going to try to swing but just don't know where I stand at this moment. Well, I know I am standing in a mess of piles. But I'm not sure where I am in the holiday hoopla. I'm just worried about having enough inventory of everything to cover all the bases I've already committed to. I'll get details posted as soon as I get it all settled.

And the bathroom is being painted all weekend. The stuff is all in little boxes and tubs and more piles, standing around the dining room while the trim is finished and the caulk dries etc. Paint cans, screwdrivers, hooks and fixtures. All in more piles.

Plus somewhere in the middle of all this, I decided that my closet needed to be fixed -- the fall and summer clothes flipped so I could actually get dressed for the weather again. My bedroom looks like it's exploded. And it's laundry dau to boot. All of this upheaval and disorganization is a little hard to maneuver around and keep focus. Maybe that's why it feels like I'm running in circles.